Tart Cherries

Cherry pies, cobblers, ice cream toppings are also delicious, summertime favorites.  Also, these trees are very easy to grow. In fact, most people don’t really need to spray them at all, in contrast to sweet cherries. Plus, the trees offer considerable ornamental value as well, as they bloom profusely in the spring and maintain a very pleasing shape. 

We offer Montmorency, the most widely planted tart cherry in America.  It is self-pollinating, but remember that tart cherries do not pollinate sweet cherries. We also offer three new tart cherry varieties from Hungary one of the world’s major cherry producers.  These varieties are sweeter than Montmorency and have the fresh eating appeal of sweet cherries yet they are delicious in pies and cobblers.  We grow Danube, Jubileum, and Balaton, all of which are self-pollinating.


Balaton Cherry
Jubileum Cherry
Montmorency Cherry