Frequently Asked Questions

How can I figure out what variety of apple will pollinate an old apple tree in my yard? I don’t know what variety it is.


Go to a garden center when your tree is flowering and select an apple variety that is blooming at the same time. Don’t pick a pollen sterile

Why is my fruit so small at harvest time?

You need to thin the fruit when it is young, so pick off about half of the immature fruit just after they begin to fo

Why don’t I get many figs from my fig tree?
Figs need a lot of light and heat. Make sure they are planted in a sunny location and prune aggressively in the late winter to allow sunlight into the tree.
Can two trees of the same variety pollinate one another?
No, you need a tree of the same fruit type, but a different variety that has a similar bloom time and viable pollen. See our page “Fruit Tree Varieties” for more detailed information.
How close do the trees have to be to pollinate one another?
Your pollinator trees can be anywhere in your yard to provide pollination. In
fact, if you can see your pollinating tree it is probably close enough. If your neighbor has the proper tree it will pollinate yours. To be sure it is best to plant your own trees that will cross pollinate.
What is the best time of the year to plant fruit trees?
You can plant container grown fruit trees any time of the year, except when the ground is frozen. Early Spring and Fall are the best times. After planting be sure to water throughly and regularly.
How do I keep the deer from destroying my fruit trees?
Attach to each tree, one unwrapped (motel sized) bar of soap to each tree early in the spring before the trees leaf out and then again in October before the bucks start to rub on the trees. Drill a hole in the soap and hang on the trees with a loop of string or a twist tie.
Are dwarf trees less cold tolerant than standards?
The hardiness of a fruit tree is principally determined by the variety of the specific fruit itself. Whether it is dwarf or standard is not important in Zones 4-8.
Do dwarf trees produce full sized fruit and how big do they get?
Dwarf trees do product full sized fruit. The mature size of dwarf trees, with proper pruning, will average about 8 to 10’ high and 12 or 14’ in breadth. Dwarf trees are preferable for several reasons. First, they are easier to maintain in terms of the height and breadth of the tree. Plus they are a more economical use of space. Many commercial orchards plant dwarf trees because they can pack more trees in per acre and get more fruit per acre. 2 or 3 dwarf trees can fit in the space necessary for a standard tree.
If it rains the day after I spray, do I have to spray again?
If your spray has been on the tree for 12 hours before it rains, the spray will have done its work. Otherwise, you will need to spray again.